Pizzeria Veloce

I was introduced to Pizzeria Veloce in White Plains by Melissa Tomlin a few weeks ago and since my first experience, I’ve been back many times.  This easy “go to” restaurant specializes in making artisanal personalized pizzas and salads to order with an amazing selection of fresh ingredients.  What I enjoy the BEST about this place, is that everyone gets their own individual pizzas, made exactly they way they want with no cross-contamination (as Korben calls it).

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My ingredients (sausage, mushroom and peppers) will never touch a slice of Korben’s cheese pizza and Frank can enjoy his “Hawaiian” pizza with as much or as little cheese as he wants.  The portions are just right, the pizzas are delicious, prepared quickly and the pricing is affordable. Not in the mood for pizza but the rest of the family is crazing this for lunch or dinner – no problem, the salads are just as delicious.  What more can you ask for?  Sample from their Menu of “Build Your Own Pizza”.

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Located at 19 Court Street – Downtown White Plains, NY 10601 – OPEN from 11AM – 10PM Daily 

More About Pizzeria Veloce: “As our name suggests, our philosophy is to prepare amazingly delicious artisanal pizzas and chef designed salads at today’s expeditious pace. As a company we aim to say goodbye to fast food as we know it and introduce a new fast casual experience using only the freshest and most authentic ingredients. From our homemade mozzarella to our locally grown vegetables, we strive to maintain the integrity and purity of most of our products.  Here at Veloce you decide!! Pick from one of our signatures or bring your own culinary creation to life. There is never a right or wrong combination. This is all an indication of our pledge to only use the finest, most healthful ingredients.  During the Veloce experience you will witness some of Naples oldest traditions. It all begins with the art of hand rolling of artisanal dough, the pulling of homemade fresh mozzarella & the hand crushing of our imported “San Marzano” tomatoes, a process one can only be justified by finishing it in our hand crafted 800 ̊ rotating oven. This all attributes to a product worthy to be considered a true culinary masterpiece!!”

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