Nordstrom Rack’s Tech Finds


The camera that all the tweens have. Polaroid-style, print your pics on the spot. $69.97, lots of colors. Originally around $99. My daughter and friends all love theirs.

This is the second one for our household. When I bought my/our first one, someone helped themselves to it– so now we have two. Great for keeping in your bag on a train ride, in the glove compartment, etc. Trick is to have it juiced up when you need it.

These are for Ellie…. Love these. Like clothespins with lights for her pics! No one prints pics, never mind framing them! This might encourage her to display some of her favorites in a cute way. 16 clips and mini lights on a clear cord.

Bought this without even know what it was! It’s a cable, for when you don’t have a white USB to phone cable? Does it connect your phone to your laptop? It’s a cute tassel or keychain….with a purpose!!!

Best selection of iPhone cases. Kate Spade and great styles. Way better than the Apple Store or the Verizon Store. And cheap, $14.97 or less. This one w the cupcakes was adorable. I liked the glittery ones!

For my desk. Loved this saying. My mouse pad is so old. It has pics from 2009 before my son was born in 2010. Time to update it to this one.

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