Verizon Fios Provides Peace of Mind When Working From Home

I have the flexibility to work from home.  However, the only way I could have the freedom to telecommute without having to take the express train into Grand Central every day is to ensure that ALL my communication (emails, calls, video conferences, etc.) and large bandwidth requirements of my job are met.  Regardless of which office (home or midtown NYC) I’m sitting at, it is critical that I have a quality, reliable, fast network provider.

I’ve been a Verizon Fios customers ever since I moved to Westchester in 2010.  At first I signed up for convenience (they were the provider that was already connected into our house), but seven years later and three house moves we are still a Verizon Fios customer by choice.

Within a few years of moving to the suburbs, my company provided all employees with Polycom phones which allowed me to utilize VoIP technology.  This was the breakthrough that allowed me the flexibility of working from home.  I could be sitting in Westchester making calls from my work phone which was connected to the Internet via my computer and my calls would display my company’s NYC office number on caller IDs.

Why I chose to stay a Verizon Fios customer is the ability for me to work from home without having to worry about my service provider.

  1. Have you spoken on the phone and every once in awhile the call will break up where you miss a few words in the sentence of the call?  That’s what’s known as latency.  The greater the latency the greater the delay and increase in frustration with either calling party.  There is absolutely no way I could work from home and have QUALITY voice conversations if my service provider had issues with latency.
  2. Have you been frustrated when trying to send and receive large files?  Imagine trying to explain or apologize to a work colleague or client that your internet is too slow and rather than seconds, it’s taking minutes to send and/or receive data? If that ever happened to me, I doubt I would still be able to work from home.  It’s critical that my network provider is FAST which means I need enough bandwidth that can seamlessly handle the data that I’m sending and receiving every day for work.
  3. Have you been in the middle of an important conversation and lost connection?  We have become used to this when speaking on our mobile devices, but its unacceptable for work calls.  If I were to consistently lose service at home due to an unreliable network, I would not be able to consistently work from home.  In the past 7-years that I have been a Verizon Fios customer there were only two times that I was out of service – which were due to extreme winter weather conditions.  Even so, the outages lasted only a few days. That’s what I would consider amazing reliability and uptime.

I work in the Telecommunications Industry so I tend to get a little “wonky” with some terminology.  The definitions provided are from an online Telecom Dictionary as reference to my post above. 

BANDWIDTH CAPACITY is maximum amount of data or media that can be transferred by a communication channel or system.

LATENCY is the amount of time delay between the initiation of a service request for data transmission or when data is initially received for retransmission to the time when the data transmission service request is granted or when the retransmission of data begins.

VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL (VoIP) is a process of sending voice telephone signals over the Internet or other data network. Packet routing information is then added to the digital voice signal so it can be routed through the Internet or data network.

Uptime is the uninterrupted period of time that network or computer resources are accessible and available to a user.

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