CryoFacial + CryoSlim + CryoToning

It’s so hard to keep up with every new health and wellness trend.  There are fads that come and go but I really think this one is going to stick around.  Cryotherapy, but not the same as what we think of immediately, which is “the freezing cold capsule” which I am scared to try!  The body reacts to cooling and heating and there are physical benefits, reduced pain, and other things.  I’ve never paid much attention until this week when I learned about CryoSkin at Core Nutrition and Wellness in White Plains.

Jessica Abreu is going to be available at the 914 PopUps event on 3/8.  (I did a post on this event recently. She will actually be giving mini-cryofacials that day.) All questions are best answered by Jessica, as she’s the expert.  I am just going to explain what I understand about it thus far.  At her White Plains location, she offers three services: CryoFacial, CryoSlim and CryoToning.

CryoFacial gives your skin an instant lift, reduces fine lines, boosts collagen and is a good alternative to botox and fillers.  The results are instant.  They require some maintenance, like any other treatment but without doing it (yet!) I am already sold because botox and fillers involve needles, injections and are very expensive.  So this is definitely something I plan on trying in the next couple of weeks.

CryoSlim was my priority.  It’s a permanent solution to fat. In under 30 minutes, the target area is heated, cooled, then heated again with a massage-like device that goes over the skin and kills the fat cells.   Fat cells are excreted through the lymphatic system in the weeks that follow the procedure.  Typically, clients need about 4 or 5 sessions on their target area to see permanent results.  Clients seem to see 1/2 inch to a full in per session, some more.  I lost 2 inches in my first session and I’ve been drinking tons of water since, to achieve best results.

Before + After

3 sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart- 6 inches lost.

CryoToning is not permanent bit a similar technique and is perfect for before a wedding, a vacation or a time where you’d want to focus on a particular area to improve.  Some women use it to lift their breasts or butts!

So that’s the summary– and I am certainly NOT an expert on the topic but wanted to share it because it is really the in thing.   Jessica worked for 8 years, mainly doing CoolSculpting and has made the change to CryoSkin for obvious reasons; it’s less painful, yields better results and is much quicker.  Clients book lunch hour sessions at her White Plains location.

Membership/Pricing:  Most services are sold as memberships vs a single session.  Since not everyone is a slimming candidate, they might want the toning membership.   Facials are $200 normally, but $100 for existing members.  My membership is $400 per month and I plan on doing 4-5 sessions (spaced two weeks apart) so likely 3 months.   Just to give a ballpark idea of the cost.   Thinking about the cost of facials, a $100 cryofacial is not a bad price and while I do not get botox or fillers, I’ll enjoy the benefits without the high price tag!

You can find Jessica at Core Nutrition and Wellness at 128 Court Street in White Plains.  She shares space with Bowie Brows, on the 3rd floor of a really cute and cozy building.  For more on Jessica and other services she offers, follow this link or visit

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