My Summer Hiatus

I took an unplanned summer hiatus.  I’m not really sure why I did but I think it was a combination of things.  At the start of the pandemic, I was motivated to post about things that were helpful during a tough time.  It was my first reaction; “How can I help?”  So I shared lots of things to help people find what they needed, helped businesses and shared things for people who were also helping people.  In any crisis, there are helpers.

When June hit, I started getting my husband to and from the city so he wouldn’t have to travel to Grand Central, by subway or taxis/Ubers around the city.  I’d do one way and he would take one form of transportation the other way.  My kids were finishing up with remote learning and not returning to school. So June came and went so quickly and I missed the month. 

Then I missed July.  Then August.  Summer was just flying. People were getting mean online. Everyone was tense and worried about what the school year would look like.  New York City was in a state of chaos. It seemed every time I turned around, there was something else going on. I didn’t want to appear tone-deaf. Or worse, insensitive. Or way worse, political.  I know my lane and it’s eating/shopping/playing in and around Westchester for women, who may or may not have kids.  It took me some time to gather my thoughts and reflect upon why I had started this blog in the first place.  It’s usually light and easy, hopefully helpful and always a place for people to find interesting information. 

Now that September is here, I am going to get back on my weekly schedule, posting on Wednesdays and sending a monthly newsletter at the beginning of the month.  I’m working without the help of my co-creator Shawna and helping two my kids with a hybrid learning situation at home, but I’m going to find the time to keep this blog going, while staying in my lane and sharing all the best that we’re fortunate to have here in Westchester!   

I'm a fourth-generation native of Westchester County where I attended college locally, spent ten years as a teacher and is now a "stay-at-home" mom raising my daughter and son in the same town that I grew up in. I enjoy reading, shopping and being the "go-to-girl" for my family and friends.
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