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There are a variety of ways that we work with local and national brands.

  • Advertising
  • Sponsored posts/newsletters
  • Reviews of product(s), service(s) and/or experience(s)
  • Introductions and exposure to our network or consulting

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What Businesses Are Saying…

What Local Moms Are Saying…

“As a city mom new to the Westchester suburbs, Emma Westchester has become my go-to resource for all things kid and mom related.  Emma’s social media posts are chock-full of fabulous finds, discount deals, unique travel experiences and relevant content.  Through Emma I have found date night venues, house gift ideas, inspiration for summer DIY projects and local shops that may have taken me years to discover otherwise.  Thank you Emma!”  – Donna D. (City Mom)

“Emma Westchester is my go-to-site for everything and anything  As a single working mother of three school-aged kids, I don’t have time to do a lot of online research.  I need trustworthy, reliable resources at my fingertips.  Emma always comes to my rescue!” – Pat L. (Scarsdale Mom)

“I have lived in Westchester my whole life and I love following Emma Westchester.  If I need some inspiration for a night out with  my husband – check; craving some pampering with the ladies – check; or I need a great activity to entertain the kids – check!  I look forward to the tweets and posts, and I check-in regularly.  It’s become my new addition.  Thank You Emma Westchester for keeping this busy working mom, in the mix with an extra bit of style and sophistication!”  – Dina M. (Working Mom)

“I have known Erin (aka Emma) from our professional past, when she was a single, 20-something teacher.  I’ve watched her become a married woman, then a new “working mom” finding the balance between career and family.  She is a master networker and we are now working together in the next phase of our lives, connecting people, doing community work, fundraising and more.  Emma Westchester is not only what all moms, but all women in Westchester need.”  – Amy Goodman (Superintendent GGUFSD)